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Powder Coating

Batch ProcessNational Powder Coating ensures a perfect finish. Each part is pressure washed with a high temperature phosphate solution to ensure a clean etched part and baked to remove all moisture. The parts are then coated with a completely dry finish process where finely ground particles of pigments and resins are electrostatically charged while being applied. The parts are cured in our finishing ovens to assure the best quality finish possible. After the process is complete, the parts are inspected for impact resistance, mil thickness coverage and flawless appearance. Every part must meet our high-quality standards and your exact specifications.

Unlike any other process, powder coating is eco-friendly and provides a wide range of colors, textures and durable finishes.


  • WASH: 4 stage high temperature, high pressure iron phosphate wash system
    1. Alkaline cleansing 2. Rinse 3. Iron phosphates etch 4. Seal rinse
  • DRY: Moisture removal pre-bake
  • APPLY: Manual, quick color change application
  • BAKE: Large capacity baking up to 500 degree bake temperature

Colors, Finishes and Formulas

  • COLORS: Hundreds of standard colors available, RAL, Metallic, Candy, Glitter, Clearcoat, Neon
  • CUSTOM COLORS: For the perfect match
  • FINISHES: Glossy, semi gloss, matte, flat, textures, wrinkles, metallic, veins, glitter, clear, hammertone, old world and candies
  • FORMULAS: Epoxy, hybrid, urethane, polyurethane, polyester, rubber, TGIC
  • SPECIALTIES: High Temperature, FDA and USDA approved, Super Durable, Marine Grade, Anti-Graffiti, UV Resistant

Batching Process Advantages

  • Allows for quick color change
  • Quantities large or small
  • Custom racking to suit any size, weight or quantity
  • Parts large or small

File Transfer/Data Exchange

  • Auto Cad - Inventor 2010
  • Solidworks
  • pdf, dxf, tiff, jpeg


  • From prototypes to high production
  • Blanket orders

Critical Dimensions

  • Maximum Width: 110" wide
  • Maximum Height: 110" high
  • Maximum Length: 23' long
  • No limitations on weight


  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Brass, copper, bronze, titanium
  • Sheet metal parts, weldments, stampings
  • Wire products
  • Metal fabrications, castings, extrusions
  • Fencing, railings, tubing, piping
  • Car and motorcycle restoration parts and frames
  • Anything metal

Inspection Capabilities

  • Mil thickness testing
  • Salt spray corrosion testing
  • Laser temperature control
  • Impact testing
  • UV testing
  • Gloss testing
  • Cross hatch testing
  • Color match testing
  • Chemical rub testing
Powder Application
Quick Color Change
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National Powder Coating | We finish what you started!National Powder Coating | We finish what you started!